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Thinking About Selling Timber in Virginia or North Carolina?

Turman Lumber can assist Southwest Virginia landowners in many ways.  Our staff is professional and seasoned veterans in the timber industry.  Turman Lumber has many different wood product services available.  We sell kiln dried lumber, green lumber, cabin logs,  and sawdust.  We buy delivered saw logs, pulpwood and standing timber.  If you are looking to sell timber in Virginia or North Carolina, landowners and industry professionals can contact one of our Foresters for a free consultation!

Contact Us

For information on Saw, Pulpwood, and Standing Timber please contact:

Truman Bolt, Turman Lumber Managing Partner |  (540) 639-1250

For Sawdust Sales, Internal Trucking  and other related business please contact:

Al Galamore, Office Manager | (540) 639-1250

For Accounts Payable/Receivable and White Pine Cabin Logs please contact:

James Shrewsbury, Accounting | (540) 639-1250

For Free Standing Timber Consultation please contact:

Jeremiah Hawley, Forester | (540) 309-4135

Greg Hale, Forester | (276) 620-3199

Dwayne Stilwell, Forester | (276) 733-5681

For information on purchasing Pallet Materials please contact:

Coy Rakes, Head of Pallet Division
(540) 639-2508

Joshua Bond, Turman Lumber Salem & Sales Manager | (540) 389-7600

Turman Lumber, 3504 Mud Pike, Christiansburg, VA 24073
P: (540) 639-1250 | F: (540) 639-6892

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