Kiln Dried Lumber

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Located in Salem, VA, Turman Lumber-Salem is a recent acquisition of The Turman Group. This facility adds to the already vast supply of kiln-dried American Hardwoods by increasing our kiln capacity to 600,000 BFT and 1.2 million BFT pre-dryer.  Our company produces various thicknesses of kiln-dried lumber for the domestic and export markets.  Turman Lumber-Salem sells retail lumber by the trailer load /container only.  For smaller purchases please visit Burks Fork Log Homes.

 Head of Sales
LEE DAUGHTERY-Managing Partner for Turman Mercer Sawmills
[email protected] | (276) 730-0412


China and Vietnam Markets
[email protected] | (276) 733-0668
India and SE Asia Markets
JOSHUA BOND-Manager of Turman Lumber Salem
[email protected] | (276) 733-4057

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